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Winning the Uncertainty

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Access my ebook on Strategy in Times of Survival at the bottom of this page

Surviving Uncertainty is much simpler than Winning Uncertainty.

Surviving involves looking at what is right in front of you and reacting.  It doesn’t care about future implications, or what might be hiding behind the surface.

But there is a rich world of opportunity beyond immediate reactions.  There are new areas of need, new relationships to create, new ways to use the strengths of your company.


Back in 2008, I researched the Great Depression and other times when it was not “sailing as usual.”  I found a few noteworthy things.

Times of upheaval are “moving days,” when it is easier for companies to gain or lose standing in their industries.  Because so much is unknown, the playing field is level, and companies’ usual advantages or disadvantages don’t count for as much.

I also found that the overall view of economic hardship masked an important fact:  the trends that would be at the heart of society a decade later were showing up even during the hard times.

For example, the following areas all grew throughout the Great Depression:

  • Automobile miles driven

  • Radio advertising

  • Frozen food sales

Uncertainty is a time of opportunity for strong leaders who can look beyond survival.


In an environment swirling with unknowns, how do you talk with your Leadership Team about being strategic?  How can you frame up your situation?  Where should you focus?  How can you turn insight into action?

In my new ebook (see link below), I’ve created a playbook for leaders to have strategic conversations with their Leadership Teams during times of survival.

It gives you a series of frameworks to talk about different dimensions of the situation.  It is not a “paint by numbers” solution (see this post , but it will point you to the questions you should be asking.

The playbook includes 3 sections:

  • Defining your Flexible Core

  • Describing The Uncertainty

  • Developing your Strike Plan

For more details about the playbook...

If you're looking for strategy advice, check out my Winning The Uncertainty Resources.

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