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Strategy During COVID-19

This page brings together a range of resources to help small company leaders think about business strategy during COVID-19.  You can see my latest writings on my blog. I have also pulled some relevant articles onto this page.

(Last update June 2020)

Small businesses need strategy during COVID-19 to get through the Survival Zone, and focus on their Business Health, and New Opportunity.

COVID19 Forecast


Phimation's regular survey of business leaders about what the coming 4 quarters will look like in 8 different aspects of the macro-environment during the COVID19 pandemic. It's important to have access to this data to crystallize what we’re seeing – and as a record of where we’ve been.

Free ebook

Wondering where to start the discussion with your leadership team about strategy during COVID-19?  


The Winning the Uncertainty workbook has over a dozen detailed worksheets to guide you to the answers you want.  


A playbook can tell you the questions to ask.  But, coming up with the right answers require insight, judgment, and experience.

Phimation Covid-19 Related Blog Posts

Finding the New Normal - 4 (Surprising) Steps - small businesses worry about being ahead of the curve...

The COVID19 dashboard we need - lessons in leadership communication from small business...

Steady hands...or street fight - preparing for change within your business...
The Coming Inflection Point - taking some time to build business game plans...

Readiness, Agility & Resilience: The Different Faces of Flex Capacity - understanding underlying business...

Winning The Uncertainty - a history of uncertain times and overview of strategy during uncertainty...

Situation Assessment Information

Housing Hardship Index - Bankrate

City-by-city infection curves - NYT

State-by-state curves and status - NYT

Rt curves by state

Leading causes of death in the US

Reopening status of states - NYT

Surveys of American life - Gallup

COVID-19 Economic Uncertainty Impact - NBER

Taleb:  the need for antifragile structures - New Yorker

6/14/20:  Signs of a V recovery - WSJ

6/10/20:  The looming bank collapse - Atlantic Monthly
6/6/20:  Demand decline is epic, and still early - NYT

6/5/20:  Private debt seeing payment problems  - WSJ
6/3/20:  Stay-at-home trend is slowing - Yahoo
6/1/20:  China recovery shows slow demand, stronger services - WSJ
6/1/20:  CBO says economy will take 10 years to recover - WSJ

6/1/20:  High consumer savings during crisis could help recovery - Yahoo

5/31/20:  Retailers' struggles grow - WaPo

5/28/20:  How much will life really "never be the same" - WaPo

5/28/20:  Why WFH won't stick - HR Executive

5/27/20:  What if the virus never goes away - WaPo

5/25/20:  Economy shows bits of progress - WSJ

5/22/20:  Leading your team when they regress - HBR

5/21/20:  BofA report sees recovery stretching through 2022 - Yahoo

5/20/20:  Threat of New England housing crisis - WaPo

5/19/20:  Time is important part of risk - CNN

5/18/20:  Small businesses hit hard - CNBC
5/14/20:  JHU expert on reopening - NYT

5/14/20:  A problem with expert advice - WaPo

5/13/20:  Who is winning online retail - NYT
5/13/20:  Focusing on harm reduction - WaPo

5/11/20:  Why the recovery is not likely to be a V - NYT

5/7/20:  CPG packaging industry survey - Packaging World

5/7/20:  Balanced proposal for reopening - J Baker blog

5/6/20:  Understanding the risks - Bromadge article

4/26/20:  94% of hospitalizations have pre-existing condition - J Baker blog

4/25/20:  The boom in delivery robots - WSJ

4/25/20:  Deflation and the destruction of demand - WSJ

4/25/20:  Advertising and selling during pandemic - WaPo

4/25/20:  How college will, and won't change - NYT

4/25/20:  Natural disasters are another need - NYT

4/25/20:  The challenges of reopening - NYT

4/24/20:  Projections for downturn - WSJ

4/23/20:  Shifting consumer buying patterns - WSJ

4/23/20:  Small businesses stay nimble - NYT

4/19/20:  Closer to herd immunity than we think - J Baker blog

4/17/20:  Economic confidence drops - Gallup

4/16/20:  Americans less pessimistic about COVID - Gallup

4/15/20:  Economics v Epidemiology - WSJ

4/15/20:  The business of grocery delivery - WaPo

4/14/20:  What reopening the economy will look like - WaPo

4/14/20:  Restaurants will never be the same - Guardian

4/14/20:  Restaurant changes business model - WaPo

4/14/20:  Big tech is still hiring - WSJ

4/13/20:  Food supply chain changes - NYT

4/13/20:  Economic pain will persist - NYT

4/11/20:  How spending habits are changing - NYT

4/10/20:  When do we restart? - NYT

4/10/20:  Too much here, too little there - NYT

4/10/20:  Crisis jumpstarts innovation - WSJ

4/10/20:  Pandemic accelerates automation - NYT

4/10/20:  Lessons from the collapse of the Soviet Union - NYT

4/9/20:  The "arc" of the pandemic / interview - Public Discourse

4/9/20:  Balancing public and economic health - WSJ

4/9/20:  How nonprofits can adapt after the crisis - LinkedIn

4/6/20:  Benchmarks for reopening - NYT

3/16/20:  How COVID-19 is changing business - HBS

3/11/20:  Local manufacturing renaissance - Forbes

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