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How can you tell if you should stick to defensive moves – or go on the offensive?  How can you identify opportunities?  How should you act on them?


With the uncertainty we face, it can be hard to look past upheaval. But, history tells us that times of uncertainty are rife with opportunity.  Strategy during uncertainty is not easy, but it is worthwhile.

Step One

Download the free

Winning the Uncertainty ebook and accompanying workbook.

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Step Two

Set up your 20 minute 1:1 call with Dave to ask questions and get personalized insight about your unique business.

This is a one-time fee, with no obligation to continue services after the meeting.

The Winning the Uncertainty workbook has 10 powerful, step-by-step worksheets to assess your situation, identify opportunities, build your strategies, and create your strike plan.

Make it more effective by talking with Dave about how to apply it to your business.

Step Three

Sign up for Phimation's weekly group coaching program Friday at 12:00pm ET (recorded if you can't make it) to get real-time strategy advice and learn what other companies are doing.

This is a monthly fee. Upon first payment, Phimation will reach out to set up recurring payments. You may cancel at any time.

This group coaching program is usually $497/mo, but is

reduced to $197/mo for all of 2020. Improve your overall business strategy, without the higher cost of individual business consulting services. This is the ideal solution for cost-conscious small businesses looking to grow!

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