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Professional Workshops and

Speaking Events

"In the workshop, Dave showed us new ways to think about our growth plans, and challenged us on parts of our plans that were weak. The combination of big concepts and practical advice he gave us changed the course of our business."

- Kelly Abney, CEO, Mira

Dave is a strategic advisor.
That's what makes his speaking so good.
Dave has over 4,000 strategy sessions under his belt.
He's great at telling the truth about running companies. 
He gives real-life tools for leading businesses and dealing with big issues.
This is why companies trust him to leads Boards,
and give CEOs performance reviews.

"Dave is smart, substantive, and real.  CEOs listen because they can immediately tell that he has loads of experience sitting where they sit, and struggling with the challenges they face."

- Miche Rayment, CEO, The Hire Effect

Strategy Workshop

This session is useful for anyone involved in leading a growing business, especially if you can have the whole leadership team attend.

Strategic planning in small, growing companies is different than what the MBA books describe for big companies.  Dave breaks down growth in small companies, and how to manage strategy, by guiding an abbreviated strategy session.

This workshop includes:

  • an overview of growth issues

  • the right model for small business strategy

  • facilitated exercises to identify, discuss, and plan the actual needs and opportunities that attendees have

  • observations and questions from Dave about the strategies attendees are considering

  • interaction among attendees and with Dave throughout

Bridging the Expectation Gap

This session will be useful to any business experiencing challenges with different generations of leaders.

In coaching dozens of "rising leaders," Dave has identified some overt and some hidden expectations that create tension among leaders from different generations.  The result:  high-potential staff are being held back, or worse, leaving.

This session includes:

  • an overview of generational expectations

  • a framework for bridging the gap

  • tools for engaging and developing "rising leaders"

  • Q&A and practical advice for applying the concepts

  • if desired, facilitated exercises in using some of the tools
  • if desired, facilitated discussion among attendees

Setting Strategic Priorities

This session is useful to everyone from the C-suite to the management team. 

Businesses are awash with needs and opportunities calling for their attention. Everyone says to have a list of priorities - but no one ever breaks down the step-by-step process for coming up with the right list.

Dave spends his days helping companies pick the right priorities for their customized business strategy. This session shares his playbook.

This session includes:

  • an overview of strategy and planning

  • a step-by-step description of Dave's StrategyFUNNEL

  • practical tools from Dave's consulting work for each step of the funnel

  • Q&A and practical advice for applying the concepts

  • if desired, facilitated exercises in using some of the tools

  • if desired, facilitated discussion among attendees

It used to be that one idea lasted three generations...

Now you need three ideas to last one generation.

Your audience deserves strategic insights that will impact business in 2021, and beyond!
Get Dave on your event calendar, now!
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