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Business Consultant and Strategy Advisor

Are you constantly putting out fires, and struggling to keep your growth consistent?

Are you tired of "sales gurus" that are all talk, and no results?

Are you anxious about uncertainty in your business? 

If you just answered "yes" to any of these questions, don't worry; we can help!

At Phimation Strategy Group, we are committed to having real conversations that foster true growth and improvement for your small or family-owned business.

Your company's mission is to improve the world around you. Our mission is to help you do that even better. 

Expert Guidance for your business

We take pride in not being a one-size fits all consulting firm. Your business and the obstacles you face are unique. That deserves a customized approach, tailored to your goals and needs. 

Our founder, Dave Haviland, has over twenty years of "in the trenches" experience working with small and family owned businesses. He's got the tools and strategies to get you where you want to be, and the compassion and personal skills to support you and your leadership team. 

Ann Arbor to Detroit, and Beyond

Think globally, act locally. Your business influences your community, your state, and the wider world around you. Are you ready for your actions to have more impact, and your bottomline to have a better return?

From big picture vision, to reshaping your sales machine, Phimation Strategy Group will get you on track to achieving your business goals regardless of where in the Midwest you are located. 

If you're ready to get started, drop us a line at or call 734.717.4955

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