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What Your Reset Needs: The 4 parts of a business restart

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Small businesses are often dealing with situations in which performance has not met expectations. It’s not really a failure, per se, but there has to be a change. A restart. It might be the European division, or the HR department, or the implementation of the new CRM. When the gap between where the initiative is supposed to be, and where it actually is, is big enough, a restart is needed.

(Hmmm, you say, how will I tell if my situation is “big enough” to merit a restart? The answer is different for every situation, but basically, it comes down to whether the business can handle the underperformance for however long into the future you want to look. A failing overseas office in one company might continue to bump along if the rest of the business can prop it up, while a similar office in another company is a crisis because it’s sucking too much cash that other parts of the business also need.)

When I’m faced with this situation in one of my clients, I work along 4 paths to do the restart:

A credible though possibly uncertain understanding of our value, and an informed belief that people want what we offer, and a vision for why it makes strategic sense to “play that game” as opposed to focusing on something else

A leader or leaders who can inject the energy needed to change things and break new ground

The funding needed for the plan…and the mistakes we’ll make as we learn the flaws with the plan

A story that refocuses the team from the failure and the pain, to the vision and the hope

As a leader, you know what these kinds of situations are like.

Not clear. Not simple. Not easy.

But if you have those 4 pieces, you’re well on your way to a successful restart, even if the results don’t come right away. And if you don’t have those 4 pieces…then that’s the first thing you need to work on!

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