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A Small but Mighty Change for Strategic Meetings

Updated June 2, 2021

The Problem Leaders Face

Most second stage businesses have a planning process. But, there are often two problems with them: the planning cycle is incomplete, and the preparation is incomplete. Let’s look at that second problem some more.

Because leaders are so busy, there’s a natural desire to have strategic planning take as little time as possible. Unfortunately, though, you have to have preparation in order to be strategic. You will not get strategic-level thinking or discussions from your second stage leadership team if you expect people to be working at their job until 9:29, step into the leadership meeting at 9:30 and be strategic, and then go back to fighting fires at 11:00.

The Strategic Shift

So, how do you make your strategic planning process more strategic?

Don’t use a “spike” model for your meetings. A spike is where there’s little or no preparation structured to occur before the meeting, and little or no follow-through structured to occur after the meeting.

Instead, use a “wave” model. The wave is where you build up to the meeting with preparation, and then wind down from the meeting with follow-up. It does take more time up front, but the ROI is an overall more productive outcome, which can save you time in the long-run.

You’ll find that your conversations get considerably more productive, and there’s better follow-through, when you use the wave model for strategic planning in your second stage business.

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