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What’s Powering Your Performance?

Updated June 2, 2021

Several years ago, I got the opportunity to attend a workshop by Shane Yount of Process-Based Leadership. In that workshop, he taught about performance and accountability. His model is a terrific match for the strategy work I do – once you know where you want to go, then you need to activate the organization in a consistent, engaging, disciplined-but-flexible process.

I often talk with my clients about “strategic management,” which is the on-going ability of the organization to identify the right things to work on, and then to actually work on them – as opposed to getting consumed by day-to-day work that puts things off-track.

A culture of accountability

What powers Shane’s performance system is a “culture of accountability.”

Some examples of what that looks like:

  • There are clear priorities for each team – and the company as a whole – to focus on

  • There is a sense of urgency in each team – Shane is a strong proponent of a weekly cycle

  • The dialogue is about what people do, not how they feel

  • There are “non-negotiable rules” that people hold themselves, others, and the organization to. Some examples:

  • showing up for meetings on time

  • coming to meetings prepared

  • taking responsibility for “re-negotiating” commitments if they are not met

Common blockades

  • The performance of your company or team is driven by the force of the leader’s personality (and if that wasn’t there, who knows what would happen…)

  • The company or team focuses on whatever is in front of it at the moment

  • There is selective engagement – people are able to set their own level of effort and contribution

Your management toolbox

Many companies don’t need or want a complete structured performance system like what Shane offers. And whether you’re talking about my “strategic management,” or Shane’s “process-based leadership,” every company needs its own “management toolbox” to drive performance. Is your company’s performance saying you have the right tools? If it’s not, send an email to dave@phimation.com and we can talk about your situation.

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