Winning During COVID-19

Winning is more important than ever

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Capitalizing on Market Change

Your market is changing… more than ever.  Are you on top of those changes?  Connecting to what customers need…identifying the best opportunities…investing in new directions…making the hard calls of when to double down and when to cut your losses?

Making the Right Strategic Investments

You're constantly presented with needs and opportunities.  Which will move the needle the most - and how much investment is needed?  With so much uncertainty and so many places you could use your resources, you want confidence that you're making the right investments - and double-downing and cutting losses when you should.

Leading With the Help of a Co-Pilot

Would you like someone helping you steer your company?  Someone who sees the whole picture, brings lessons from other businesses, and knows the business and personal challenges of running a company.  Someone who can help you look at things from new angles, see new options, and make the best decision.

Designing & Scaling Your Revenue Generation Machine

Smart growth starts with building a "machine" to generate, nurture, and convert leads.  That machine will give you predictable, consistent, profitable revenue - but it's not easy to build.  And it depends (a lot) on the marketing acumen to know how to design the machine.

Leading Significant Change in Your Business

If you're like most businesses, you're good at continuous improvement... but struggle with bigger change.  Evolution and transformation need clear direction, strong leadership, substantial investment, and the ability to push and pull the company in new directions.  Many companies struggle with evolution, and all companies struggle with transformation.

Expanding Your Leadership Team

Are you actively working to raise up your new leaders?  Your top mid-level performers handle the bulk of the work and issues that your company faces.  But are you giving them what they want to develop into leaders?  Are you training them to join you at the leadership table in 5 years?  Most companies need to be … and aren’t.

Creating a More Powerful Vision

A powerful vision is a motivator and magnet that makes you faster, your impact bigger, and your growth more substantial.  Have you picked the best direction for your business?  Do your employees and customers know where you're headed ... and are they energized to get you there?

Understanding & Predicting What Customers Want

Good companies are constantly changing what they offer their customers - innovating.  Though that sounds simple, it has to bring together many parts of the business – sales, marketing, finance, production, development.  And it should integrate all those parts consistently – which means it also needs leadership from the top that is both creative and disciplined.

Making Your Company More Agile and Resilient

Agility comes from an acute sense of urgency and a strong creative ability.  Some companies suffer from debilitating organizational arthritis because of stagnation, inertia, or size; others just aren’t as nimble as they need to be because of growth, malaise, or comfort.  You can make your company more agile.

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