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Ebenezer Scrooge Teaches Strategic Planning

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Picture this…

A friend of yours runs a successful Stage 2 business – but is also frustrated

that things aren’t going as well as he’d like. It’s your job to set him

on a new path.

How do you create that inflection point – that clarity of understanding and

focus that sets a new path and provides the basis for success?

Let’s look at how it works for Ebenezer Scrooge, because if ever there was a

tough customer for a strategy consultant to work with (cheap! close-minded!

domineering!), he is one. But Scrooge’s consultant (the ghost of his

former business partner) designs a great process that holds lessons for any

business leader.

He starts with a look at the past (fond memories of Scrooge’s childhood).

What core principles show up then that Scrooge needs to reconnect with

today? What lessons does the past hold for Scrooge?

He then looks at today, from different perspectives than Scrooge usually sees

(a joy-filled market, a family feast, a miner’s cottage). What can

Scrooge learn from those people? What is happening outside of his normal

view that he can use? What does Scrooge have to offer those people?

And finally, he looks at the future to see where Scrooge will go if he

continues on his current path (a neglected grave!). What are the results

Scrooge will get from his present efforts? What results does Scrooge

want? Do the likely results line up with the desired ones – and if not,

what needs to change?

With a process like that, it’s no surprise that Scrooge emerged a new

man. Full of energy. Renewed with purpose.

The Wikipedia entryabout Scrooge’s transformation sums it up well, capturing

both the immediate impact and the long-term sustainability of Scrooge’s new thinking:

“Scrooge has become a different man overnight, and now treats his fellow men

with kindness, generosity, and compassion, gaining a reputation as a man who

embodies the spirit of Christmas. The story closes with the narrator confirming

the validity, completeness, and permanence of Scrooge’s transformation.”

So, as you do your annual planning, use the wisdom of Scrooge’s planning

process in your Stage 2 business, by tapping into the Ghosts of your


The Ghost of Business Past. What was at the heart of your success

in Stage 1? What was fun about the business? What made you

special? As you look to the future, you need to reconnect with that –

especially as your company has to change.

The Ghost of Business Present. Life in Stage 2 is more complex

because you are connected to so many more people and organizations, and because

you need to deal with broader markets rather than just isolated

customers. To come up with an effective plan, you need to take a more

holistic view. What are your customers thinking? Your

suppliers? Your competitors? Your employees? What is

important to them? What trends are happening in the market? You

need to see the world from other eyes, and use that perspective to come up with

better strategy.

The Ghost of Business Future. Stage 2 companies have reached a

point of sustainability, so now their leaders have to turn their attention to what

they are sustaining. What impact do you want your business to have on

the world? What results are you looking for from your business?

What does your business stand for? And what gaps and problems can you

identify today so that you can deal with them before they are urgent,

expensive, and entangled?

Successful Stage 2 leaders understand that it is not easy to design an effective

planning process, and so they put the time and effort into “planning the


When they do, the result is a business that is transformed overnight – with the

power to sustain that change over time.

What do you see when you go on a tour with your ghosts?

Enjoy the holidays, and best wishes for a good new year.

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