Consulting Services

In addition to our products and tools, Phimation works directly with Stage 2 business owners who want hands-on assistance with business, operations, and marketing & sales strategies.

We use a disciplined, structured project approach that applies proven best practices and respects your company’s unique people and culture. The result is that you get what you need, know what to expect and are able to maintain control of the process and move steadily toward your goals.

Business Strategy – A major change from Stage 1 to Stage 2 is the need for more defined strategy coupled with deliberate planning processes that engage the entire organization. We help Stage 2 leaders better define and articulate winning strategies, better engage staff in the strategic plan, and instill an on-going process so that your day-to-day decisions stay aligned with your big-picture strategy.

Operations Strategy - One of the biggest frustrations for Stage 2 leaders is to see the deterioration of their operations — when what had been a nimble, responsive, efficient team becomes a cumbersome, disjointed, wasteful organization.  We help Stage 2 companies create and manage operations strategies that (1) identify the optimal leverage points in your processes, structure, and people and (2) outline the objectives and priorities for the different areas of operations.

Marketing & Sales Strategy - To achieve further growth, Stage 2 companies need to shift from selling to customers to selling to markets.  Marketing needs to play a bigger role, your sales process needs more definition, and you can no longer treat customers as totally unique (or all the same). We help you optimize the value you create for, and generate from, your markets.

In summary, our Marketing & Sales Strategy services improve your top-line revenue and your gross margin.  Our Operations Strategy services improve your operating costs, and our Business Strategy services improve the sustainable value of your business.

Contact us to learn more about how Phimation’s Stage 2 consulting services can help your small business grow and succeed. Or, if you don’t need the hands-on assistance, check out the products and tools we’ve developed specifically for Stage 2 leaders.