Are You a Stage 2 Company?

It is common to define Stage 2 as $5 to $50 million in gross revenue and 10 to 100 employees. However, Phimation views Stage 2 not only as one measured by finances and head-count, but also as a state of mind.

In reality, Stage 2 is marked by the realization among a company’s leadership team that something significant within the business needs to change in order for growth to ensue or continue. It is characterized by recognizing that something that was once relatively simple – a fledgling business – is becoming complex as it evolves (in other words, phimation is at work). It is an understanding that a firm has evolved from survival mode into a sustainable enterprise that marks Stage 2.

Complexity Grow SignificantlyPhimation has identified that Stage 2 companies are faced with one or more of three main business challenges:

  • They’re trying to grow.
  • They’ve stagnated.
  • They’re transitioning leadership.

Once we pinpoint the challenge(s), we then help Stage 2 small business leaders:

  • Gain control of their growing enterprise.
  • Focus where they are most productive.
  • Have a more balanced and less stressful life.
  • Ensure a lasting legacy.
  • Achieve strong ROI and enjoy the fruits of their labors.

When Stage 2 business leaders recognize their difficulty stems from a significant shift in complexity and they haven’t been able to create meaningful change to address it, they are perfect candidates to seek the specialized expertise Phimation offers.

The problems are more complicated, your team is bigger, and the stakes are higher. As a Stage 2 leader, your company’s success hinges on your ability to implement unfamiliar management and strategy techniques into your business, and you need some guidance to learn how to do just that.

That’s where we step in. Learn more about Phimation.